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有限公司 (Limited Liability Company)


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23A Zolotoustivska Street,
Kyiv, (基辅)
Ukraine (乌克兰)
+380 44 281 06 00

+380 44 281 06 01
Valeria Tarasenko - Partner


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微信id: dianamysenko





- 关于刑法的咨询、代理、起草文件和有关服务(辩护、寻找证据、证人、专家等)

- 其他法律领域的司法程序方面的咨询、代理、起草和证明文件及其他有关法律服务

- 有关专利、版权和其他知识产权的咨询、代理、文件起草和证明及其他有关法律服务
- 有关其他法律文件,如遗嘱、婚约、商业合同、企业章程等的咨询、代理、文件起草和证明及其他有关法律服务

- 向公司和个人提供使税收减少到最低额的咨询
- 起草纳税申报表并为其辩护
- 帮助企业进行计划避税和控制及起草法律所需各种文件方面的服务


- 各种税务(例如增值税)申报表的编制

- 不具有法人资格的企业的税务编制和规划服务
- 个人税的编制和规划服务


- 向破产企业的管理部门和(或)债权人提供咨询和协助和(或)充当破产财产的接管人或托管人



- 有关商业政策和战略及一个组织的总体规划、结构设置和控制的咨询、指导和业务协助服务。具体来说,一般管理咨询业务可以涉及下面的一项或几项内容:

- 有关财务决策方面的咨询、指导和业务协助,如:

Legal services

Legal advisory and representation services in the different fields of law

Legal advisory and representation services concerning criminal law

- advice, representation, drafting of documents and related services (defence, search for evidence, witnesses, experts, etc.) concerning criminal law

Legal advisory and representation services in judicial procedures concerning other fields of law

- advice, representation, drafting and certification of documents and other related legal services in judicial procedures concerning other fields of law

Legal documentation and certification services

- advice, representation, drafting and certification of documents and other related legal services concerning patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights
- advice, representation, drafting and certification of documents and other related legal services concerning other legal documents, such as wills, marriage contracts, commercial contracts, business charters, etc. 

Advisory services related to taxation

- advice to companies and private individuals for the purpose of minimizing taxes
- drawing up and defending taxation statements
- services consisting of assisting enterprises in tax planning and control, and preparing all documentation required by law

Corporate tax planning and consulting services

Corporate tax preparation and review services

- preparation of returns for all kinds of taxes (e.g., VAT)

Individual tax preparation and planning services
- tax preparation and planning services for unincorporated business
- tax preparation and planning services for individuals

Insolvency and receivership services

Insolvency and receivership services

- providing advice and assistance to the management and/or creditors of insolvent businesses and/or to act as receiver or trustee in bankruptcy

Consulting and management services

Management consulting services

General management consulting services

- advisory, guidance and operational assistance services concerning business policy and strategy and the overall planning, structuring and control of an organization. More specifically, general management consulting assignments may deal with one or a combination of the following:
• policy formulation
• determination of the organizational structure (decision-making system) that will most
• effectively meet the objectives of the organization legal organization
• strategic business plans
• defining a management information system
• development of management reports and controls
• business turnaround plans
• management audits
• development of profit improvement programmes
• and other matters that are of particular interest to the higher management of an organization

Financial management consulting services

- advisory, guidance and operational assistance services concerning decision areas that
are financial in nature, such as:
• working capital and liquidity management, determination of an appropriate capital structure
• analysis of capital investment proposals
• development of accounting systems and budgetary controls
• business valuations prior to mergers and/or acquisitions, etc., but excluding advisory services on short-term portfolio management that are normally offered by financial intermediaries



乌克兰律师事务所Pavlenko Legal Group

Pavlenko Legal Group律师事务所成立于2008年,在乌克兰法律服务行业居领先地位。

Pavlenko Legal Group律师事务所实行了新的服务方式,不仅仅提供一般的法律服务和援助,还会根据客户的自身需求提出多个个性化的,非常规的解决方案。

Pavlenko Legal Group的主要专业领域包括:
1. 公司综合类业务、
2. 公司收购、兼并与重组、
3. 证券与资本市场、
4. 私募股权与投资基金、
5. 国企改制与产权交易、
6. 银行与金融、
7. 外商直接投资与外资并购、
8. 境外投资、
9. 税务、
10. 国际贸易、
11. 海商海事、
12. 知识产权、
13. 诉讼仲裁、
14. 刑事辩护


Company Pavlenko Legal Group (previously -Law Group “Pavlenko and Poberezhnyuk” was founded in 2008 by well-known lawyer Alexandra Pavlenko. In the end of 2014, the company did a large-scale re-branding.)
Projects are managed by partner and heads of the main directions. The founder and Fundator of the brand is a well-known lawyer Alexandra Pavlenko. In 2014, under the resolution of the political crisis, Mrs. Pavlenko took up the challenge and was appointed on the position of the First Deputy Minister of Health, whose functional is preparation of bills, communicate with the authorities at all levels and legal support Ukraine’s health system reform.
The company provides a full range of legal services to national and foreign businesses. The lawyers team of Pavlenko Legal Group is implementing a new approach to service delivery, offering not just a legal support and maintenance, and the generation of personalized, not standard solutions, based on objective information – the legal picture and the market situation.

The team members of Pavlenko Legal Group – active participants of professional legal community, members of business associations – EVE, IBA, and also included in the governmental and departmental working groups on various aspects of the legal system.

A special recognition of the professionalism and achievements of the company founder Pavlenko Legal Group Aleksandra Pavlenko was her appointment into the Government in 2014.

Expert legal assessment of the company’s lawyers demanded by leading Ukrainian legal and business publications. Team members are presented in various national and international rankings.
The overall success of the company is made up of the personal achievements of our lawyers. Each of them – not only high-quality and experienced specialist in one or more areas of the law, but also a full-fledged member of the team, which works together to solve complex tasks. Our internal task – is synergy in the resulting benefit. We are proud of our team play.

Pavlenko Legal Group entered the top 50 leading law firms according to the results of the annual survey “Top 50 Law Firms of Ukraine 2015” (publishing house “

In 2016, according to the results of international analytical researches of The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa team work of Pavlenko Legal Group lawyers has been praised and recommended in the field of judicial protection – as one of the most highly competitive practices.
The team of analysts The Legal 500 and firm clients have noted the high standards of work and an excellent awareness of Pavlenko Legal Group lawyers in matters of judicial system and the Ukrainian legislation, which they demonstrate in their projects.

Team members are included in the ranking of the top 100 best lawyers of Ukraine in the sphere of Judicial practice and the Trial in the ranking of “Customer Choice” (publishing house “The Legal Newspaper”)
In 2013, the Companys projects in the field of banking and finance law, as well as judicial practice were noted in legal directory «Ukrainian Law Firms 2013 (publishing house Legal Practice)
In 2013, the company advised the editorship of the international legal directory The Legal 500 EMEA in the sphere of disputes resolution, corporate law and M & A, as well as in the field of land law and construction. In the same year the international legal directory Legal Experts EMEA has recommended the company’s founder, Alexandra Pavlenko, as recognized Ukrainian expert in the field of corporate law, M & A (mergers and acquisitions) and the resolution of disputes.
The Management of the Company was nominated in the annual ranking of the “Top 50 Law Firms of Ukraine 2012” (publishing house “Legal Practice”) in the nomination, as a well-known Ukrainian lawyer in the field of Judicial practice, and is in the top of the twenty best top managers of Ukrainian law firms according to the publication “100 best top-managers of Ukraine” (publishing house “Economy”)